Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Winter Storm has three types. For your information, there are snowstorm, ice storm and blizzard storm. Here, I want to share more information about the types of Winter Storm.

What is Snowstorm?

Snowstorms are storms where large amounts of snow fall. Snow is less dense than liquid water, by a factor of approximately 10 at temperatures slightly below freezing, and even more at much colder temperatures. Snowstorms are usually considered less dangerous than ice storms. However, the snow can bring secondary dangers.
Powerful Winter Storm
Heavy Snow may harm the road users
Panorama when having snow winter 

What is a blizzard?
A massive snowstorm with strong winds and other conditions meeting certain criteria is known as Blizzards. Blizzards are severe winter storms that pack a combination of blowing snow and wind resulting in very low visibilities. Sometimes strong winds pick up snow that has already fallen, creating a blizzard.
Heavy winds may affects people around
Blizzards Natural Disaster

What is Ice Storm?
An ice storm is a type of winter storm characterized by freezing rain, also known as a glaze event or in some parts of the United States as a silver thaw. Ice storms were more common than blizzards.
Effects of ice storms
Car was damage during ice storm season

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